Adam Clayton Butler

Logic + emotion.

Product designer at Asana, musician, and photographer based in San Francisco.

I have over seven years of professional experience using design thinking to solve real-world business problems. I’m well-versed in working with a multidisciplinary team to take solutions from concept to launch. I’m an expert at asking the right questions and always try to make informed decisions. To those I have worked with, I’m considered to be a very thoughtful, hard-working & detail-oriented designer, always going the extra mile to realize the potential of an idea, push for smarter design solutions and discover meaning in a world saturated with empty marketing campaigns. I’m also a unique hybrid left- and right-brained thinker. I understand the logic inherent in code and the emotion and psychology that influences well-designed experiences.

I joined the amazing team at Asana in January 2016 and was one of ~30 designers selected to participate in the 5th class of the Designer Fund Bridge Program.

My specialty is working with a team of talented designers, researchers, engineers, and visionaries to design things that affect people’s lives on a daily basis. I seek out opportunities to create something amazing and meaningful—something that people love to use.


Digital product design, UI/UX design, interaction design, visual design, responsive web design, design strategy, prototyping (InVision, Framer, HTML/CSS/jQuery), brand design, front-end web development (HTML, CSS), Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite.